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Who we are?

Who we are?

Sapan Inka is a center focused on consciousness exploration and research, working from a holistic and transpersonal approach. In our center we organize healing retreats where ancestral Amazonian wisdom and transpersonal and psychedelic psychotherapy are integrated.


We assume the commitment to protect and responsibly spread the use of Ayahuasca medicine and the legacy of wisdom of our ancestors. The retreats we organize are intended to awaken the healing potential of our inner being, opening a connection with the depths of our psyche and facilitating a dialogue with our Higher Self or spiritual being. Ayahuasca medicine is a tool that facilitates a purification process on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is a powerful psychospiritual technology that produces a state of expansion of consciousness which gives access to archetypal content that, when assimilated and integrated, allows us to grow and heal internally.


Our retreat center began its work 23 years ago and little by little it has been growing and developing. The objectives of the center are the exploration and study of consciousness, psycho-spiritual development and the search for a comprehensive state of health. To achieve these objectives, a therapeutic system has been developed that includes ayahuasca ceremonies carried out in a ritual manner, according to the Amazonian-Shipibo model. During the ceremonies, the energetic and spiritual aspect is worked exclusively. The system developed also includes psychotherapeutic work at the transpersonal level through integration sessions of the experiences lived during the expanded states of consciousness induced by the use of Ayahuasca.


Erik Hendrick and Nilda Quispe, during their healing and personal growth process, had an encounter with the “maestros curanderos” of the Shipibo people, and thereafter they began an intense and long initiation process to become themselves guides for ayahuasca ceremonies. For many consecutive years, the founders of the Sapan Inka center dedicated themselves to learning the use of master plants and the knowledge of the Amazonian and Andean traditional medicine system, especially regarding the use of entheogenic plants. Both of them were trained for several years in the art of giving Ayahuasca medicine directly by “maestros curanderos” from the Shipibo nation who finally enabled them to practice as a healer.


Erik Hendrick has a Master's degree in Transpersonal Psychology and is studying for a PhD in Human Development at the Anthropological University of Guadalajara. Erik and Nilda are dedicated to exploring and understanding the depths of the human being. The study of the mythology of different cultures, the study of comparative religions, mysticism, different wisdom traditions, depth psychology, transpersonal psychology and psychedelic science is part of his constant training. In addition, both are permanently in a process of psycho-spiritual training.


The Sapan Inka Center carries out its work with high ethical and professional standards. The organization of Ayahuasca retreats is assumed with great responsibility. The main objective of the retreats is the integral health of the participants. This work is carried out in a safe environment and the process guides are fully committed to the care of all participants. Their work is carried out on several levels: physical-material, emotional, psychological and spiritual.



We are aware that we live in the 21st century and that we are at a dramatic moment in the history of humanity, and that we live in a world that is going through a huge process of massification and with a humanity that lives in a terrible state of dissociation, crisis of values, lack of identity, collective neurosis, on the brink of their own self-destruction. However, we are also aware that, at the same time, we are in a historical moment of great opportunities for the development of humanity, where it is possible to take a great leap in spiritual development. And we understand that it is our responsibility to give the best of ourselves in order to make this great process of transformation and growth a reality. The contribution of the Sapan Inka Project is a grain of sand for the achievement of the spiritual health of our planet.


The current team of SAPAN INKA Retreat Centre is as follows:



It is a word in Runasimi or Quechua language, and it can be translated as Wise Inka. However this word or name indicates a spiritual hierarchy that existed at the time of the Inka, and it was used to describe a special type of priest who was part of the spiritual Inka nobility. He was someone who had the power to lead and teach to others Incas. He had sacred ancestral knowledge about astronomy, art and mastery of stone, language and medicine.

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Who we are?
Sapan Inka Retreat Center looking for an integration of ancestral wisdom from the indigenous culture of the Amazon jungle and the Peruvian Andes to the psychotherapeutic practice.