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Our Retreat House

Our Retreat House

 Ayahuasca Retreats with small groups

Calca, Cusco, Peru


We consider as a very important aspect in a therapeutic or healing process in the use of Ayahuasca medicine, to work in adequate environments which are favorable to be able to live a positive experience with the teacher plants. The environment or setting is a very important element during the experience in Ayahuasca sessions.


The Sapan Inka Retreat Center is located in Calca, a town in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. It is a place surrounded by beautiful mountains, fresh and clean air. The Retreat House is a very spacious and very cozy place, with completely suitable environment to live this spiritual retreat.



Our Retreat Center is an ideal place to organize retreats with Ayahuasca and teacher plants. The house is located in a totally private place, and has adequate spaces that allow working with small groups (maximum 6 participants). The house is surrounded by the sacred mountains, near the Urubamba River, on the way to Machu Picchu.


The Sapan Inka Retreat Center has all the necessary elements to organize the sessions with teacher plants. It has a special space to experience the Ayahuasca sessions, we call it our temple, it is a clean, spacious, acoustic and private space. It is a space separated from the house and has its own bathroom.


The rooms are all inside the retreat house, on the second level. Communication with the process guides is always easy to access, and the guides are willing to provide assistance at any time during the night. The rooms of the house are each for two people.




We have 4 rooms for participants, two people in each room. We have rooms with single beds and rooms with double beds, each bed with clean bedding and feather duvets. In addition, each room has a private bathroom with hot water 24 hours a day. The rooms are clean, spacious and very comfortable.


The house also has a spacious living room and has many gardens and private spaces. We have a nice dining room where you will enjoy food specially prepared for the days of retreat.


Our house is located at a distance of an hour and a half from Cusco, by car. The participants of the retreat are picked up from Cusco and we take care of bringing them to our house.






Our house is located in the Sacred Valley close to Machu Picchu, two hours by train. You can walk around our house and enjoy of a peaceful environment. Close to our house runs the Vilcanota river, it is also called Urubamba river, it is beautiful river that you can visit it by walking some minutes from our house. There is also a very old ancestral construction on the mountain which is very near to our house, it is a kind of tumb located in a very special place on the mountain. 


From our house you can see some amazing mountains which has been considered sacred since ancient times. According to the ancestral tradition they are called "Apus" and people believe they are spirits of protection and wisdom. When the Andean Priest perform a ritual of offering, he gives thanks to these spirits and to the spirit of the mohter earth. 



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Ayahuasca Retreats

An opportunity to overcome existential conflicts and to solve psychological and emocional issues

Sapan Inka Retreat Center
Ayahuasca Retreats in The Sacred Valley
Who we are?
Sapan Inka Retreat Center looking for an integration of ancestral wisdom from the indigenous culture of the Amazon jungle and the Peruvian Andes to the psychotherapeutic practice.