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Cancelation Policy

Cancelation Policy

Terms & conditions (Cancellation Policy)


If you decide to participate in an Ayahuasca Retreat, it means to agree to the terms and conditions indicated below.

We call the "Organizers" to Erik Hendrick and Nilda Quispe, they are the members of the Sapan Inka Retreat Center. And we call the " Participant " to the person who makes a reservation to participate in a retreat.

1. The organizers reserve the right to accept or reject the reservation of any participant at any time.


2. The participants know that the organizers are psychologists and psychotherapists.


3. The participants agree to participate in the Ayahuasca retreat and in the ceremonies with visionary plants. And they acknowledge to be aware that these plants are psychoactive and psychedelic substances, and that their action modify the state of consciousness, and the participants make totally responsable of any kind of consequence due to the use of the visionary plants.


4. The organizers will do everything possible to provide security and comfort to the participants during the retreat, for their part, the participants must agree to take care of themselves and always to respect to all the other persons in the retreat house. The participants are totally responsible for themselves in case of injury, physical damages, losses, and any other type of inconvenience.

5. Participants agree to report all details of their medical condition and any drugs in use, and if applicable, must report any changes thereto and must report the use of any drugs during the retreat. Participants who decide to use any medication during the days of the retreat are fully responsible for any consequences to their health or integrity. The use of some drugs is contraindicated due to interactions with ayahuasca. If the participant uses any drug during the days of the retreat without informing the organizer, this may be cause for expulsion from the retreat without the right to any refund.

6. The organizers recommend to the participants to learn as much as possible about the use of visionary plants and their interactions with medications in use. The responsibility to take precautions and to obtain professional medical information depends solely on the participant.

7. Participants declare to be in appropriate physical and mental conditions to participate in a retreat with visionary plants, and agree to participate at their own risk. They acknowledge to know what is a psychedelic plant.

8. Participants have the option to participate or not in any of the ceremonies offered at the Sapan Inka Retreat Center. They declare that their participation in the ayahuasca ceremonies are completely voluntary and they are totally responsible for their actions and decisions.

9. The organizers are responsible for everything offered within the retreat programs announced in the website: transportation, food, accommodations and participation in ceremonies with medicinal plants. The organizers are not responsible for expenses make by the participant outside the programs offered.

10. If any participant decides to leave the Ayahuasca retreat before it concludes, for any reason, no refund of any type will be made, even if the participant did not participate in the ceremonies..

11. Participants must respect the organizers and all the people participating in the retreat. We reserve the right to expel any participant who is acting in a negative way, affecting himself/herself, the group and/or the guides of the process. If the organizer decides to expel any participant, the participant will not be entitled to any kind of refund. By accepting these terms, the participant agrees to fully respect the decision made by the organizer regarding an expulsion.


12. If during the days of the retreat a participant presents behavior that affect themselves or other participants, we reserve the right to physically restrain the participant or expel him/her from the retreat. The restraining will be carried out in the most cordial way possible and with the greatest respect for the dignity of the guest. In case the participant is expelled from the retreat, there is no right to any kind of refund.

13. In case of any medical emergencies, such as intestinal fever, altitude sickness, broken bones, high fever, shortness of breath, etc., the participant will be accompanied by the organizers to a clinic in Cusco. The organizers are not responsable of the consequences of any medical emergency. All the expenses in transportation and in the clinic will be totally paid by the participant.

14. During the days of the retreat there should not be any sexual activity among the participants. This includes couples and marriages. We recommend sexual abstinence from 7 days before the retreat and 7 days after the retreat. Abstinence includes masturbation.

15. There is no laundry service in the retreat house. Neither do we have permanent WiFi, it is only possible to access our WiFi in case of emergency.

16. The organizers reserve the right to make changes to the itinerary and the costs of Ayahuasca retreats or cancel the event if deemed necessary. If we cancel an event, we are responsible for returning 100% of the reservation. However, the organizers are not responsible for other expenses made by the participant such as purchase of transportation tickets or purchase of goods and services.

17. It is necessary to make a deposit of 50% of the total cost of the Ayahuasca retreat in order to reserve a space. Please do not confirm flights until the reservation has been confirmed.

18. This is our cancellation policy:

19. The organizers recommend that participants take out travel insurance.

20. Participants agree to and allow that any photographs or video taken during the days of the retreat and where the participants appear may be published by the organizers on the website of the Sapan Inka Retreat Center, unless the participant declares previously his/her written disagreement.


21. Participants, when making the payment of their reservation, agree that they have read and understood all the contents of this document. The payment of the reservation is equivalent to the signature of this document. By signing this document, the participant waives certain legal rights, including their right to sue.

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