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Ayahuasca Integration

Ayahuasca Integration

The Ayahuasca integration process after ayahuasca ceremonies experiences is a very important part of the healing process


Being able to integrate an experience with ayahuasca, that is, interpreting and assimilating it, allows enjoying positive effects in the medium and long term


Many times an ayahuasca experience provides with extraordinary visions, experiences from other dimensions of reality, experiences of modified states of consciousness, experiences of changes in perception, or profound catharsis, or getting significant insights, besides other types of experiences that are very difficult to translate, interpret or to assimilate, that is why an Ayahuasca integration process which allows working with these contents is important.


Some experiences can be called bad trips because the person gets confused after their experience, since some experiences are very intense physically and energetically, emotionally powerful and very chaotic mentally. In these cases, guidance and advice in the Ayahuasca integration process is very important. In the Ayahuasca retreats, the participants stay at our house a few days after the sessions with ayahuasca, to be able to personally work on the process of integrating their experiences. Once the person returns home, we continue to work virtually, via video call.


Sometimes people have very beautiful experiences, peak or mystical experiences, experiences of interconnection with the hidden forces of nature, sometimes it is possible to experience a communication with deep wisdom or with the heavenly kingdoms or with superior beings and feel states of fullness, beauty, compassion and love. This type of experience brings with it a feeling of deep well-being, inner peace, clarity of mind and an awakening of our empathic capacity, sometimes the awakening of intuition. People are afraid to return to their normal lives and not know how to maintain these high states of being. They do not know how they will be able to face the simple and daily style of life. For this reason, it is very important to guide and advise after these types of experiences, so that the person can understand these experiences, carry out an adequate Ayahuasca integration process and feel motivated to walk a path of personal growth and evolution.


In some cases, after deep experiences in sessions with ayahuasca, some people experience the activation of certain paranormal abilities, sometimes it is the awakening of intuition as a higher psychological function than rational thinking which may include a feeling of premonition, sometimes people continue to experience visions for days, weeks or months after their experiences, sometimes great empathic sensitivity is awakened as a telepathic communication. All these types of experience s can lead to confusion if not properly interpreted and assimilated. In this s cases it is necessary a correct Ayahuasca integration of the experiences.


Some people would like to know how to continue working on their personal growth after participating in an ayahuasca retreat. For some, the experience was really very good, many times even exceeding their expectations, but there is fear in not knowing how it is possible to continue with a job that allows them to continue growing. The need for a job of personal evolution is born, which requires advice. We provide online advisory service after ayahuasca retreats.


We are psychologists specialized in Ayahuasca Therapy and we have many years of experience guiding the process of integrating experiences in ayahuasca therapy sessions. We have studied and practiced symbolic interpretation therapy for many years, conducting deep studies in Jungian psychology, Psychosynthesis and symbolism and spirituality from various cultures, from the western and eastern world.


We consider advising in the process of integrating the experience with ayahuasca, as a kind of hermetic art that requires the full commitment of the artist to be able to carry out the work of symbolic interpretation, and we think that this requires some sensitivity from the therapist and a lot of dedication, seriousness and ethics.


What is an Ayahuasca Retreat?

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