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Ayahuasca Diet

Ayahuasca Diet

It is recommended to all participants to follow a dietary preparation, at least 5 days before the Ayahuasca Retreat. Of course, it is much better to start with the diet as soon as possible, that is, the sooner the better. Some people decide to follow dietary preparation from weeks or months before the Retreat, which is very helpful. Preparation is really a very important aspect to participate in this type of experience. The diet helps keep the body clean, and that is really very important and necessary in oder to live an optimal process.


The diet is also part of precautions to avoid complications during the process with ayahuasca medicine, it facilitates a better assimilation of the Ayahuasca medicine, avoids risky interactions, and allows an adequate physical and energetic preparation before the process with Ayahuasca.


There is no specific diet to participate in an ayahuasca process. The different healers and retreat centers that work with ayahuasca, choose to recommend diets according to their own work objectives, beliefs and knowledge. There is no standard diet.


We advise avoiding heavy and fatty foods. Do not eat red meat, especially pork. It is possible to eat fish, but not very fatty. It is possible to eat eggs and drink yogurt. Although it is recommended, essentially, a vegetarian or vegan diet, as healthy as possible, i.e. little saturated fat, low sugar, low salt and low carbohydrate.


It is possible to eat all kinds of vegetables, and eat all kinds of fruits, however, one day before the Ayahuasca Retreat avoid very ripe fruits, ripe avocados, citrus fruits, garlic and spicy foods.


It is suggested two days before the Retreat not to eat foods with many carbohydrates such as spaghetti, cakes and refined flours. Do not consume sugar from a few days before the Retreat. Five days before Retreat do not eat aged cheese and do not drink alcoholic beverages of any kind, anything containing alcohol, nor eat processed foods containing preservatives or other similar chemicals, also avoid the consumption of stimulant drinks such as coffee, black tea, green tea, yerba mate, etc. It is possible to drink coca leaves infusion, it helps with acclimation and altitude sickness. In case of using food supplements, please inform in advance all the details about the supplements to avoid possible interactions.


We recommend to fast on the day of your first ayahuasca ceremony, usually on the first day of the retreat, you can only drink water


Meditation practices are recommended before ceremonies. It is important to rest as much as possible before taking part in the ceremony. Therefore, it is suggested to arrive to Cusco a day or a few days before the retreat, and to rest as much as possible from one day before the Retreat.


Diet & Preparation

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