Importance of the dietary preparation for Ayahuasca therapy

Importance of the dietary preparation for Ayahuasca therapy

Many people who are interested to take part in an ayahuasca ceremony or in an ayahuasca retreat want to know what they have to do to be properly prepared to live this kind of experience. And when they start their searches through books or online, they find information provided by different ayahuasca retreat centers, healers, therapists and facilitators; with the surprise that there are different dietary preparation diets recommendations, that the diet is not the same everywhere. There is no standard information about it. Finally, this leads people to wonder what the Ayahuasca diet is.


Actually, the diet is an ancient technique used by healers in the Amazon rainforest, which consisted essentially of a process of retreat or isolation in the jungle. In the past, the healer isolated himself by going into the jungle for days or weeks to train and test the body, mind and spirit. During this period, he used medicinal plants and specific foods such as bananas and fish, without salt or condiments. In fact, his diet was carried out selectively with what the jungle provided. Thus, formerly, the diet constituted a period of testing and training. At that time, the healer was also a warrior and leader, and during the diet period, healer trained in hunting, fishing, swimming and survival skills. In his internment in the jungle, through the use of sacred plants, he connected with his environment and with the spirit world in order to learn and develop, and thus, when returning to the community, he could dedicate himself to guide and heal his people. Today, all over the jungle, that is no longer the case.


However, the concept and practice of the diet has endured among the current healers, and the essential purpose remains almost the same, that is, detoxify the organism and connect with the spiritual dimension. The diet is a physical, emotional and psychological preparation to be able to receive a treatment with sacred plants.

This knowledge and wisdom of the Amazonian tradition has been integrated into the practice of Ayahuasca Therapy, although with certain adaptations necessary for the world of the current civilization. Therefore, the diet is not the same in all cases. The preparation suggested by a guide of an ayahuasca ceremony, in general, is adapted to the beliefs, knowledge and objectives of each guide. The main idea is to prepare people to go through an experience with ayahuasca medicine that does not involve complications or risks.

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