What is an Ayahuasca retreat?

What is an Ayahuasca retreat?

Ayahuasca Retreats in Cusco, Peru. 


Exploring the spiritual dimension. Connecting with your Higher Self. A profound, healing and transformative experience.


To participate in an Ayahuasca Retreat might be an opportunity for a life changing experience for those who are looking for self-knowledge and psychospiritual healing.


"Ayahuasca Retreats: Opening a connection with your higher Self"

"Ayahuasca Therapy: Psychoespiritual Training"  


Shamanism, Spiritual Journey & profound Healing experience. Welcome to our Ayahuasca Retreats!


A journey into the depths of being, an exploration of the psychic reality and the spiritual dimension, allowings us to know more about our inner world, and connecting with our inner potential of healing, development and evolution.


Sapan Inka Ayahuasca retreatsThe process itself takes place for five or six days, and includes two or three Ayahuasca sessions, with a maximum of 6 participants per session. The main objectives to be achieved during the retreat are:

  • Live a deep process of psycho-emotional cleansing and spiritual purification.
  • Connect with the power of self-regulation and self-healing of ourselves.
  • Connection with our spiritual dimension and with the Spiritual Self.
  • Explore the psychic reality, our inner world, and achieve greater self-knowledge.
  • Have the opportunity to live a psychedelic pick experience
  • Have the opportunity to connect with a higher level of consciousness.

The peoples of the Amazon have been using Ayahuasca for thousands of years, and its use has been extended to the present, generation after generation. Historically, the peoples of the Amazon have used this brew for different purposes, among them, the healing of diseases, preparation for hunting or war, the access to modified states of consciousness allowing a cosmological order to their society, and the connection with the world of spirits. In this sense, ayahuasca is a spiritual technology that allows a deep inner journey, and awakening of consciousness. It is a legacy of ancestral wisdom.


This legacy of wisdom can help to the human being of the modern world, to the people of the big cities who desperately are looking for a reconnection with the spiritual dimension and who want to find meaning to their existences.


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What is Ayahuasca

AyahuascaA powerful medicinal plant originally from the Amazon jungle, used for centuries by native peruvian peoples. 


A legacy of wisdom from the Ancient Civilization in South America


An spiritual technology to explore the Psychic Reality


A healing plant for Psychospiritual Therapy


The following link will take you to a clearer description of Ayahuasca medicine:


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How to participate in the Ayahuasca Retreats?


ceremonyIn order to be able to participate in any of the Ayahuasca retreats, preparation prior to the process is very important, the so-called preparation diet, which consists of a series of recommendations or suggestions that are intended to help participants to connect more easily to the healing power of ayahuasca medicine. The diet also prevents certain complications during the experience with Ayahuasca, helps to prepare the body to receive ayahuasca medicine, and facilitates its assimilation. The ayahuasca diet is not always the same in all places, therefore, we have designed a diet that is adapted to the therapeutic objectives of the Ayahuasca Retreats that we organize.


If you are interested to take part in the Ayahuasca retreats, you should contact us to start an evaluation process and to know how it is possible to help you  for preparation and integration of the process. We will provide you with all the necessary information, so that you can prepare properly. It is advisable a preparation several weeks or months before taking part in a retreat.







Who is able to participate in an ayahuasca retreat?


Anyone who feels really motivated to live this kind of experience, and also who is physically and psychologically prepared to be part of this process, is able to participate in a retreat. For this reason, the evaluation prior to the retreat is very important, since this way, we will know if there are risks for the health. Not all people is able to participate in an ayahuasca retreat. Cannot participate someone under 18 years old, pregnant women, people with some conditions such as a history of heart attack, stroke and some other diseases. Cannot participate in these retreats people suffering certain psychological disorders such as bipolar disorder in the manic phase or people with problems of dissociation of personality. By contacting us, we will initiate an evaluation process to know if you are prepared to participate in the ayahuasca ceremonies.



How to prepare yourself to participate in an Ayahuasca Retreat?


MeditationThanks to many years of experience guiding Ayahuasca sessions, we know that the preparation process is a very important aspect to be considered before taking part in an Ayahuasca experience; however, most people have little knowledge about what is the most appropriate way to prepare yourself for it. Different shamans and different retreat centers indicate different types of diets or different ways for preparation. And all this information generates some degree of confusion. Not all shamans or retreat centers offer the same recommendations. The question that arises is: What to do? How to be prepared?


While it is true that it is important to pay attention to what traditional wisdom indicates, that is, the recommendations given by the Ayahuasca shamans of the different indigenous peoples of the Amazon rainforest, who for centuries have used the brew as part of their medicinal system, it is necessary to acknowledge that people of the contemporary civilized world, the people of the big cities, they have a very different lifestyle and also a culture very different from the people who live in the Amazon villages. In addition, the motivations that drive people in cities to experience ayahuasca, are very different. Therefore, the recommendations of shamans are not necessarily the most appropriate for people from large cities.


In addition to medical precautions, we recommend a diet that allows the body to be free of toxins, and if possible, perform a purge before participating in an ayahuasca ceremony. It is highly recommended a vegetarian diet, especially low fat and no sugar. We give details of the diet here. And we also provide medical recommendations here. The more the body is free of toxins, the better; and the longer the diet is before the experience with ayahuasca, it is better. There are people who start the diet months before taking part in a retreat, and that is extremely favorable; although, it is possible to start with the dietary preparation, even from 5 days before the Ayahuasca Retreat.


Experience has also taught us that not only is important a diet at the physical level; but it is also very positive an adequate preparation on emotional, psychological and spiritual level, it means it is recommended, as a way to prepare yourself previous to participate in an Ayahuasca Retreat, to practice a spiritual discipline as a daily life practice; for instance, yoga, tai chi or chi kung. It is also very positive to know about a map of consciousness that provides a greater understanding of the psychic structure of the human being, for example: Archetype Psychology of C.G. Jung or the integral practice of Ken Wilber. This type of knowledge helps people to achieve an adequate interpretation of their experiences in ayahuasca sessions and to get a proper interpretation of the experience. In addition, a psychological and spiritual training, such as the practice of meditation, facilitate the integration of the experience in daily life, and, therefore, it will be possible to experience long term effects, after the Ayahuasca Therapy.



How is the dietary preparation?


The dietery preparation refers to the way how to be prepared before participating in a ceremony or an experience with ayahuasca. The idea is to follow a diet that allows the body to be clean, eating foods which can help the body an easier assimilation of ayahuasca medicine, avoiding interactions that could produce adverse reactions.


If you want to see details on dietary preparation, plese see here:


Ayahuasca diet



How is the ayahuasca experience?


There are many types of experiences that possibly you might live by taking part in an ayahuasca session. Experiences are completely personal phenomena, and possibly there is no experience that is equal to the other. It is not possible to predict what an ayahuasca experience will be like, since each experience is unique. However, it is possible to mention different characteristics of the non-ordinary state of consciousness accessed through the intake of ayahuasca, among them, the visions, the purge, the emotional catharsis, and certain sensations and perceptions particular to this state of consciousness. The type of catharsis that usually occurs when drinking ayahuasca is an emotional release, a purifying and cleansing process that occurs physically, mentally and spiritually. That is, ayahuasca medicine help us to clean at different levels. Frequently, after the cleansing process, it is possible to experience certain psychological balance, deep mental clarity, and inner peace. It is also possible to experience different types of insight during the process, leading us to a greater knowledge of our inner world. In addition, states experienced in ayahuasca ceremonies sometimes facilitate the resolution of existential conflicts or bring solution to various types of psychological traumas and emotional problems.



How is the ayahuasca ceremony?


The ayahuasca ceremony or ayahuasca session, according to the way we work, has certain particular characteristics. You can learn more about our ceremonies here:


Ayahuasca Ceremony



Ayahuasca Integration


Living an ayahuasca experience can be one of the deepest experiences of life. It can give us a feeling of spiritual transformation and rebirth. Frequently, people who participate in ayahuasca retreats say that there is a before and an after the experience, since changes can be experienced during the process are often profoundly significant changes that provide new perspectives to existence, and allow us to live and to understand reality in a new and different way.


Thus, generally, people who participate in this therapeutic process would like to continue experimenting, in the long term, the positive and healing effects of this type of therapy. It is very important the way how we translate and interpret our experiences with Ayahuasca; since a correct interpretation can give us light to our path of existence, and can be very helpful for our healing process. 


Online sessionsWe will accompany you in your Ayahuasca integration process via online sessions. We will contact you individually via internet. And we will be able to talk about the progress in integrating your experience, one week and one month after your experiences with ayahuasca medicine.


Ayahuasca integration



On the other hand, we provide online advice to anyone who is interested in a longer and profound integration work. Or people who wish to have other psychedelic experiences and require remote counseling and spiritual training can contact us. We provide an online psychospiritual support service.


Center for research and exploring expanded states of consciousness


Psychedelic Integration Sessions



Ayahuasca Research


The Sapan Inka Retreat Center participated in a scientific research entitled: "Psychedelic experiences of people who participated in sessions of ayahuasca therapy". The interviews used as a source of data for the research were conducted at the Sapan Inka Center for a period of 5 years. It is a qualitative research that aimed to describe and interpret the various psychological effects that participants lived during and after their experiences, in the short and long term. It is an important research in which it was concluded that the way in which people perceive and interpret their experiences is very important; because it depends on the depth and duration of the impact experienced, which occurs at different levels; encompassing the instinctive, the emotional, various cognitive processes, and the spiritual.






Sapan Inka Blog

It is true it is possible to learn a lot about Ayahuasca by surffing the internet, but sometimes it becomes difficult to know how to filter the relevant information that we are needing to make a decision.


That’s the reason we have decided to share some information about ayahuasca that we think it might be helpful for you.

If you are interested to learn a little bit more about this, you can visit our blog


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