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Why small groups?

Small groupsMaximum availability: 6 persons


For us to guide an Ayahuasca Retreat is a big responsability where it is necessary a deep respect for all the participants. We believe it is very important in the Ayahuasca Retreats to give confidence, security and personal assistance all the time. According to our experience we have learned that we cannot work with too many persons in a ceremony or in a retreat, because in the ceremony we need to support to every participant, we need to take care of the process of everyone, to be able to support  or help when it is necessary, and if there are too many persons in the ceremony, it is not possible to do it. 


Ayahuasca small groupThe Ayahuasca Retreats include a therapy for integration of the experience, it is based on a personal conversation to talk about all the contents coming for your deep mind during your experience in the ayahuasca ceremony. The intention is to understand how we will be able to integrate this experience to the daily life to use it as a tool for our own development. So during the retreat we need enough time to talk deeply with every participant every day after the ceremonies, to do what we need to work with a small group of persons.


On the other hand we work in our house, which is not exactly a retreat center, it is mainly our home, where we share with the participants what we know and what we have. In the retreat we try all possible to have a close connection with the persons and we consider to the participants as our brothers and sisters. We are sharing and exchanging. We try to give the best from ourselves. 


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Why Small Groups
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