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What is an Ayahuasca retreat?

What is an Ayahuasca Retreat?

The Ayahuasca retreat is considered as a cleansing therapy and bio-energy psycho-emotional release. This retreat or therapy is a process where the participants live an experience of initiation with sacred plants. The process is considered as a rite of passage, as the participant has the possibility of moving from one stage of consciousness to another different. This experience is like to live a cleaning process on an emotional, mental or psychological and spiritual level.


ayahuasca retreatsThe state of consciousness which can be accessed when participating in an Ayahuasca Retreat provides a greater chance for self-knowledge. The purpose for this retreat is to have the opportunity for every participant to live and understand that this experience is a process of self-healing and that the use of teacher plants, despite being a very important element, is only a tool used in the therapy or healing process. It depends on the participant to have the will, determination and ability to use this experience, lived on the state of consciousness achieved in the ceremonies, for their own benefit on healing and personal development.


 Using a symbolic language, the state of consciousness experienced in an Ayahuasca Retreat, is like a connection to an invisible level of reality; or using psychological language, it is a connection to contents from personal and collective unconsciousness, which by an appropriate method or technique can be assimilated or integrated into the field of consciousness, and when this assimilation is possible, the process is considered as a new learning. If a person decides to use this new learning at the level of everyday life, so there is a possibility for changes in attitudes and behavior, therefore it is possible a transformation of personality, to heal or to overcome psychological complex and traumas. To live this experience opens a door to grow or for evolution of personality.


We have decided that the number of participants for a retreat should be limited, in our retreat house the maximum availability is for 5 participants. A larger number of participants do not allow taking a constant care on the process of every participant. We consider that it is necessary for people to have comfort during the retreat days, so the retreat house has 2 bedrooms each one with two beds and private bathrooms. The house has permanently hot water and the environment around the retreat house brings peace and serenity to the participants. Feeding during the Ayahuasca Retreat days is vegetarian and is a complement to the use of sacred plants.


ayahuasca retreatsWe consider as an important complement for Ayahuasca Retreats, conversations to support to the participants for a better understanding on the experience lived during ceremonies. On the next day, after ceremonies, we will talk individually with every participant trying to understand the emotions, thoughts, perceptions, feelings and images that arise in the non-ordinary state of consciousness facilitated by the use of teacher plants. The goal is to have the ability to integrate this understanding into the actions of daily life.


During Ayahuasca Retreats the role played by the guide of the ceremony is to take care of every participant in the process. The guide uses knowledge and techniques to take care of the ceremony space, absorb heavy energy, clean energy, and guide the participant into the world of ayahuasca, also to channel energy from the teacher plant. The most important tool for Ayahuasca ceremonies, it is what we call "Icaros" or medicine songs. The ayahuasca song is a connection with participants. Songs are a help to be guided into the world of the medicine, it helps to align the energy of the participants and allows the guide to understand how he will be able to support to everyone in the ceremony.


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