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Psychological Integration

 ayahuasca retreatsThe Ayahauasca Retreat includes a process of psycholgical integration which is a personalized therapy with every participant in the retreat. Maybe it is one of the most important parts in all the retreat process, because here we help to the participants to learn how to integrate their own process of healing into their lives. 


The idea is to learn a way how to integrate the experience lived during the non ordinary state of consciousness, how to translate all the information received from the spiritual dimension and inner being to become it in part of the every day life.


For some persons it is easier to process their experiences by temselves, but it is not the case for everyone. Gabor Maté  "suggested that while deep psychological dynamics may emerge into awareness during ayahuasca ceremonies, their therapeutic potential depends on trained guidance to bring these potentials to fruition. Successful treatment with ayahuasca requires an experienced person to provide structure and guidance to effectively orient to the visions, the therapeutic purpose, and the development of the experience across sessions. Lacking qualified assistance in achieving their full integration, important experiences may not produce benefits."


We can understand that psychoterapeutic effects of Ayahuasca not only depends on how deep is the experience in the ayahuasca ceremony or how rich are contents experienced, it depends mainly in the psychological integration of the process, it means how the insights gained during the experience are integrated into the daily life.


We have decided to use knowledges from different psychological approaches in order to help to the participants to know how to be able to use their own experiences as a tool for their self healing process. 




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