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Ayahuasca Ceremony

Ayahuasca Ceremony

What is an Ayahuasca ceremony?


From our point of view, the Ayahuasca ceremony is the most important part in the Ayahuasca retreats, and it is the fundamental axis of the psycho-spiritual therapy that we have been developing in the course of the years. The "Ayahuasca ceremony" has its origins in the peoples of the Amazon jungle and in the ancestral wisdom. This wisdom is a deep bond with nature and it has allowed to the people of the jungle to be able to know about the medicinal powers of plants, including Ayahuasca. The Ayahuasca ceremony is a medicinal practice of the Amazonian culture that has passed down through the centuries, generation after generation and has reached our days. We have learned from this practice and we have adapted it to the needs of psycho-spiritual healing and self-knowledge required in our present civilization.

AyahuascaThus, we have developed a therapeutic system that allows us to make use of this ancient medicine, integrating the wisdom of the past to a new contemporary therapeutic methodology. Our intention is to make use of this traditional Amazonian knowledge as a tool to heal the body, mind and soul; to help people suffering from psychological and emotional disorders and perhaps most importantly, support people who are in a process of developing awareness and living an integral development of their being.


The ayahuasca ceremonies are part of the retreats that we organize every month. The retreats include 2 or 3 Ayahuasca ceremonies. The Ayahuasca ceremony is a ritual or session where it is possible to experience a non-ordinary state of consciousness and it allows us to reconect with our inner wisdom and to the capability of our own body and psyche to regulates itself. The Ayahuasca ceremony is a ritual process to pass from one state of consciousness to another one, and to have the opportunity to experience this process brings the possibility for some changes in our perspectives of life.


How is the Ayahuasca ceremony?

We organize the Ayahuasca ceremonies with small groups of persons, as maximum 6 persons. It is at night and it is in our house, in the Sacred Valley, Cusco, Peru. The ceremonies are guided by Nilda and Erik. It is a ritual process and at the same time it is a technique for therapy.


In the beginning of the ceremony you drink the ayahuasca medicine given by the guide of the ceremony. Every participant is sit on a mattress in the room for ceremonies, gathered in a circle, and one by one drinks the medicine. After that, it is necessary to wait during a time, around 30 minutes, waiting for the ayahuasca to work inside us. Sometimes it is necessary to drink a second cup of ayahuasca, because not everyone feels the ayahuasca in the same way, it is different for everyone, and every experience is always different.


One of the most important tools used in the ayahuasca ceremony is the ICAROS or ayahuasca songs. Some of the songs are part of our techniques and they have been learned through the years using ayahuasca. Some of the songs are part of the ceremony and they don't repeat again in another ceremony. With the icaros we help the persons during the ceremonies, it is a very important technique of healing.


We also use other knowledges to guide the ceremonies, to channel the ayahuasca energy and to clean in different levels.



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