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Please, if you decide to participate in an Ayahuasca Retreat, it is necessary to follow these instructions: 

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Medical precautions

To take part in an Ayahuasca ceremony is very safe, however, there are certain risks and dangers that must be seriously considered. Some medications must be avoided, because it may happen some dangerous interactions with ayahuasca. On the other hand, if you are suffering or have suffered from certain conditions, surely you will not be able to drink Ayahuasca.

You should not drink Ayahuasca if you have suffered a heart attack or a stroke. It is dangerous to drink ayahuasca in case of schizophrenia or a manic episode of bipolar disorder, and it is not recommended to anyone with a history of psychosis or psychotic episodes. People who suffer certain conditions such as high blood pressure or diabetes, should give us details on the illness in order we can make an evaluation, and in this way we will know if it is possible or not to participate in a ceremony.

Some drugs present dangerous interactions with MAOIs of ayahuasca, so, there are certain drugs like some antidepressants that should be avoided from 3 or 4 weeks before participating in a ceremony. Potentially dangerous drugs are:

The restrictions are according to each drug; so you must report in detail any drug you are using.

Throughout the days that you will stay in the retreat house, it is not possible to use medications, excepted for some very specific cases that will be coordinated with organizers. If someone uses medications by own decision, this person is completely responsable of any kind of consequences in health. 

There are also some dietary supplements and certain medicinal plants that should be avoided from some days before the Ayahuasca ceremony. You must report which medicinal plants and supplements you are using in order to prevent risks.

At least one week before the retreat, alcohol and recreational drugs should not be used, especially cocaine, heroin, marijuana, and many other substances. You have to report what drugs you have used.


Women on their menstrual period are able to participate in the retreat, as long as they let us know about it, on the first day of the retreat, in our house.

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