Interpretation, assimilation and integration of the experience with Ayahuasca

Interpretation, assimilation and integration of the experience with Ayahuasca

Interpretation, assimilation and integration of the experience with Ayahuasca


There is a huge number of places where it is possible to have an experience with Ayahuasca. Actually, today it is possible to participate in Ayahuasca sessions in Europe, the United States, Canada, Australia, in different countries of Central America and South America, mainly in Ecuador, Brazil and Peru. In the case of Peru, the use of Ayahuasca medicine is legal and the knowledge and traditional uses of ayahuasca practiced by Amazonian native communities, constitutes a Cultural Patrimony of the Nation. There are different types of contexts, methods, approaches, and styles of administering ayahuasca medicine. And people choose to go to one place or another, according to the personal search, motives and interests. Many are those who seek in the experience with Ayahuasca psychological and spiritual help, perhaps, search for life purpose, overcoming traumas and existential conflicts, or perhaps, looking for development and spiritual growth, self-knowledge, awakening of consciousness and exploration of the spiritual dimension. However, not at all places where ayahuasca is administered, counseling of psychological and spiritual nature is contemplated, nor help that allows people to reach an adequate integration of their experiences. In many cases, help offered does not really allow an adequate process of interpretation and assimilation of experience.

Obviously, the short, medium and long term results depend on what way the experience with ayahuasca is interpreted, assimilated and integrated; since, if the experience is not assimilated adequately, the most probable thing is that the experience does not bring many benefits in daily life; however, there is a danger of experiencing certain psychological and emotional disorders, which can even be confused with psychotic episodes and dissociation of personality. The topic is quite delicate, so you must be very careful when choosing a place to participate in an ayahuasca session. Not at all places, ayahuasca sessions are conducted in a completely professional manner.

On the other hand, it requires a thorough investigation that allows to observe carefully in which cases the use of ayahuasca could become a trigger of a psychotic process, and in which cases the states experienced after an ayahuasca session, could be an emergency spiritual, which could even become an opportunity for the expansion of consciousness and personality development. An incorrect interpretation of the experience can lead some people to experience a dangerous inflation of the ego, and because of that, the person ends up identifying himself with archetypal figures of the collective unconscious, that is, the person could see himself as a prophet, a spiritual leader, a guru, a magician, a shaman; however, it is only delirium of greatness or a loss of psychic equilibrium. The person victim of psychic inflation can drag many others into their delirium of greatness and commit totally negative acts.

The integration of the experience is favored when the person is committed to a spiritual practice or discipline that allows a constant training of the mind and spirit.

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