Ayahuasca Research in Peru

Ayahuasca Research in Peru

At present time, there is a great interest to know everything related to the use of Ayahuasca. There have been hundreds of scientific investigations looking for understanding about different aspects related to the use of this ancestral brew. The investigations have been carried out by anthropologists who inquire about the origins of the tradition and the way in which this brew is used by the native communities of the Amazon, the ancestral shamanic use and the contemporary use; neuroscientists who try to understand the interaction of the brew and the human brain, carrying out research through the use of advanced technology and using various theories; and also, psychiatrists and psychologists looking for ways to integrate psychotherapy and the use of this ancient jungle medicine. Thus, there are many books that approach the subject of Ayahuasca from different perspectives, not only from the scientific, but also from the artistic and philosophical, including the approach of the explorers of consciousness, and the vision offered from the New Age perspective. However, in Peru there is little scientific or literary production generated around this issue, and this is a curious fact, since in Peru, since 2008, the knowledge and traditional uses of Ayahuasca practiced by Amazonian native communities have been declared Cultural Patrimony of the Nation, which creates a suitable context for the investigation and offers amazing possibilities for the elaboration of a model focused on the integration of the ancestral wisdom and the contemporary psychotherapy.


It is necessary that institutions in Peru, such as universities and research institutes, arouse more interest in this issue. The valuable legacy of the Peruvian ancestors needs to be rescued and given an important place as part of the cultural wealth. Ancestral wisdom can bring benefits for the current Peruvian society in the area of ​​knowledge and health. Ancestral medicine, and ancestral wisdom in general, studied from a proper scientific approach, can bring many benefits capable of alleviating many of the evils that afflict to the modern world and to the human being of contemporary civilization.


The integration of ancestral wisdom and contemporary science is an inevitable fact, little by little a new paradigm that contemplates the use of ancestral spiritual technologies such as meditation and the use of sacred plants is emerging. A new scientific approach is emerging looking for understanding the nature of consciousness and trying to know in depth the structure of the human psyche, and therefore, more and more attention is paid to the wisdom legacy of ancient cultures. The wisdom and vision of the existence of the ancient world can be a hope for the modern world. Mystical teachings from different cultures can enrich and transform the understanding of human psychology and open a field of research towards the understanding of the spiritual nature of human beings.


It is possible to know much about our own nature which remains hidden as a mystery and unknown phenomena, much remains to be investigated. Science does not establish absolute truths; it is a tool for the acquisition of new knowledge. The wise use of Ayahuasca medicine constitutes a valid spiritual technology for the well-being of the human being.


The Sapan Inka Retreat Center participated in a scientific research:


Ayahuasca Research

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