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Ayahuasca Retreat Center in Cusco


Ayahuasca guidesThe Sapan Inka Retreat House is a Retret Centre looking for an integration of ancestral wisdom from the indigenous culture of the Amazon jungle and the Peruvian Andes to the psychotherapeutic practice. In this sense, we organize Ayahuasca retreats where it is possible to experience a psychospiritual healing process. To participate in one Ayahuasca Retreat is a possibility to get greater knowledge about the dynamics of our psyche, our emotions, our personality, our weaknesses and at the same time our potential for healing and growth; since ayahuasca medicine is used in retreats as a tool to facilitate a deep introspection and a reconnection with the capacity for self-regulation possessed by our own organism and our own psyche.


The original idea of Sapan Inka Retreat Centre was born over 15 years ago in an attempt to create an organization dedicated to the study of consciousness, psychological and spiritual health and preservation of indigenous visionary culture. For many consecutive years we studied deep to learn the use of sacred plants and to get knowledge of traditional medicine from their own culture. We were trained for several years in the art of giving Ayahuasca medicine, learning directly by Shipibo healers from the amazon jungle. This period of training was necessary before creating the Sapan Inka ayahuasca retreat center, and then it was possible to give the medicine to others and to organize ayahuasca ceremonies.


Ayahuasca vineWe are a married couple engaged in therapeutic work with teacher plants. Our responsibility is to support and guide all participants of the ayahuasca retreats during the process of energetic cleaning, and emotional and psychological release. We have extensive experience leading therapeutic ayahuasca ceremonies, working with Ayahuasca and San Pedro. We are studying constantly on extensive knowledge of the structure of the soul, about spirit healing processes, psychological development, inner growth and evolution of personality. In the psychotherapeutic practice we use different approaches with the intention to integrate wisdom from different ancestral and spiritual traditions to a methodology that allows to use the ayahuasca medicine on the recovery and healing of different mental or emotional disorders and also as a tool that allows the development of our own potential of healing and evolution.

To organize Ayahuasca Retreats is part of the commitment to protect the ancestral knowledge and wisdom, which by generations have been preserved to this day. It is also a commitment to research as serious and honestly as possible on the therapeutic potential of ayahuasca and other medicinal plants which are cultural and spiritual heritage and legacy from these ancestral cultures.


We understand that it is necessary a work with ethic, consciousness and responsibility. The main purpose on the retreat is essentially health for all the participants in the ayahuasca retreats. We do our work in several levels: physical-material, emotional, psychological and spiritual. A very important part of the process is carried out on psychointegrative therapies a day after Ayahuasca and San Pedro ceremonies, where the intention is to enable to the participants to understand their own therapeutic process and their own connection with their inner wisdom. Finally the work with teacher plants in the ayahuasca retreats is understood as a process of self-healing and self-knowledge with the support of the guides.


Erik and Nilda at Machu PicchuWe are aware that we are living in the 21st century and we are passing by a dramatic period in the mankind history, and aware that we are living in a world suffering a huge process of the mass culture. We know humanity is living a terrible state of dissociation, a crisis of values, lack of identity, collective neurosis, and near to self-destruction. However, we are also aware at the same time, that we are living a historical moment of great opportunity for the development of humanity, where it is possible to take a big leap in spiritual development. And we understand that it is our responsibility to give the best from ourselves to become a reality this great process of transformation and growth. The contribution of Sapan Inka Retreat Centre is a grain of sand to achieve the spiritual health for our planet.


Machu Picchu AyahuascaThe current team of SAPAN INKA Retreat Centre is as follows:

  • Erik Hendrick Carpio (President, therapist and ceremonies guide)
  • Nilda Quispe Rivera (Founder, therapist and ceremonies guide)
  • Santiago Ahuanari Lomas  (RIP)
  • José Quispe (Andean priest - Pampamisayoq)


It is a word in Runasimi or Quechua language, and it can be translated as Wise Inka. However this word or name indicates a spiritual hierarchy that existed at the time of the Inka, and it was used to describe a special type of priest who was part of the spiritual Inka nobility. He was someone who had the power to lead and teach to others Incas. He had sacred ancestral knowledge about astronomy, art and mastery of stone, language and medicine.    


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